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Pool Algae Removal Service - Las Vegas

In Las Vegas’ climate, algae can thrive and become a real problem for pool owners. Algae can make a pool unsightly and unpleasant, defeating its purpose to serve as a nice, relaxing place of comfort and leisure. Having algae in your pool water makes it icky and unsanitary. When it comes to dealing with stubborn pool algae, we recommend calling a professional for algae removal services.

Bryte Pool Algae Removal Services

The pool care experts at Bryte Pool are trained and highly-experienced in ridding your pool of algae. We use state-of-the-art methods to ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and algae-free.

Bryte Pool services a large area of Las Vegas and nearby communities. Contact us today to know more about algae removal services and other pool cleaning and maintenance services we offer.

Three Common Types of Algae Found in Pools

There are three main types of pool algae found in pools exposed to hot and humid weather – green algae, black algae, and mustard or yellow algae.

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Green Algae Removal

If your swimming pool has developed a green tint or you notice that there is some greenish stuff growing on the walls, you may just have one of the most common forms of algae. Green algae is usually treated with a strong dose of chlorine, pool shocking, or algaecide. It is crucial to ensure that all traces of green algae are gone down to the remnants of the pool filters. Otherwise, green algae can easily return and make your pool green again.

Mustard Algae Removal

Yellow or mustard algae is tougher to remove than green algae. If you have yellow algae in your pool, DIY algae removal is not recommended. Bryte Pool offers professional algae removal services to thoroughly remove the algae from the pool walls and other infested areas. 

Yellow algae is resistant to normal chlorine levels and must be dealt with intensely using stronger chemicals. Pool shocking may also be a viable option to get rid of yellow algae. For these types of stubborn algae, we highly advise booking with a professional service provider to carry out algae removal.

Black Algae Removal

Black algae is known to be the most aggravating and tough strain of algae. In most cases, it is easy to identify because of its dark color. However, there are cases when black algae is not literally black in color but instead manifests as blue or green spots in your pool. Just like yellow algae, black algae cannot be removed using standard pool chemicals.

The roots of stubborn black algae spreads deep into the plaster of the tile or grout, and thorough brushing must be done to break open the heads so that algaecide can penetrate. Swimming pools with proper chemical balance and filtration can still be attacked by black algae.

Professional Algae Removal Services - Las Vegas

Due to the difficulty of removing black algae, we highly recommend preventing it from growing by investing in high-quality pool maintenance services from a reputable pool service company. The key to preventing algae from overtaking your pool is to be in control of the algae situation from Day 1. Working with a proactive and thorough pool service provider will help eliminate pool problems from blowing up into big proportions. If you are in Las Vegas, Bryte Pool offers professional pool cleaning and maintenance services at competitive prices.

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