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The Importance of Pool Chlorine Baths

If your swimming pool has been unused or unmaintained for quite some time, it’s not surprising to find algae and other microorganisms growing in your pool. The only way to get rid of yellow or green algae is to get a professional pool chlorine bath (also known as chlorine wash).

How is a pool chlorine wash done? 

Basically, it’s draining your pool and filling it again with liquid chlorine and water. The pool chlorine bath mixture is poured onto the sides and bottom of the pool and then rinsed off. 

The wastewater is then pumped out once the pool chlorine bath is finished. 

Sounds easy? Not really. 

If you want to give your pool an effective chlorine bath, it’s best to let professionals do it.

What is a pool Chlorine Bath?

Pool chlorine baths are designed for deep cleaning purposes of commercial or residential pools. If you’ve recently purchased a property with a pool, it’s hard to be sure if the water is safe for swimming. 

That being said, having your pool treated with a chlorine bath before use is a good idea.

Bryte Pools offers pool chlorine bath services in Las Vegas. This service includes pool draining and full cleaning, depending on the severity of dirt and grime. 

Our chlorine baths are used to get rid of algae, germs, bacteria, and other substances that may cause infection or contaminate the water.

pool chlorine bath

Signs That Your Pool May Need a Chlorine Bath

If you notice algae or molds in your pool, it most likely needs a chlorine wash. Algae is not only icky to look at, it can also pose danger to your pool by making it slippery. 

Pool sides, stairs, or floors that are infested with algae may become slippery and dangerous to walk on. Water itself is already slippery, so if algae is added into the equation, it won’t be long before you or someone else gets into an accident.

If left on the surface too long, algae can also leave a stain on your pool. The only way to remove those unsightly stains is through an abrasive acid wash.

Pool Chlorine Baths for Prevention

Acid washing is usually considered as the last resort for pool cleaning because it is much harsher than a chlorine bath. Acid washing literally removes a layer of plaster from your pool and if performed too often, it can degrade the plaster in the long run.

This is why having regular pool chlorine baths is a good idea for pool maintenance. Chlorine baths are gentler and can be performed regularly without harming your pool and its surfaces. If you get regular chlorine baths for your pool, you’ll most likely eliminate the need to have an acid wash. 

If any of the following below applies to your Las Vegas swimming pool, it’s time to contact Bryte Pools for expert pool chlorine bath services:

With regular chlorine baths and proper pool maintenance, your pool will look and feel clean and good as new!

Professional Pool Chlorine Bath | Las Vegas

Swimming pools should be a place for fun and relaxation. Don’t give germs and bacteria an opportunity to thrive and spread in your swimming pool!

Bryte Pools offers professional pool chlorine bath on top of regular pool maintenance and cleaning services for commercial and residential pools in Las Vegas. 

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