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With the sunny weather in Las Vegas, it’s not uncommon for most residential and commercial properties to have their very own swimming pool. If you’re planning to purchase a property with a swimming pool, you need to acquire professional pool services as part of your plan.

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Bryte Pool offers expert pool inspection services in Las Vegas and nearby areas. Our team is trained and knowledgeable when it comes to pool maintenance and inspection services.

Aside from offering top tier pool cleaning and maintenance services in Las Vegas, we also provide thorough swimming pool inspection services for home buyers. We provide transparent and accurate information to prospect home or property buyers.

What is a pool inspection?

Pool inspection is a non-invasive process that allows our pool professionals to assess the condition of a swimming pool, be it residential or commercial. Our team strives to provide you with the most accurate pool inspection services that Las Vegas has to offer.

During pool inspection, we will examine literally everything in your pool – from the essential components, tiles, plaster, to the electrical inner workings and circulation system of the pool. We will inspect every aspect of your pool to ensure that it is functioning, safe, and beautiful.

When do you need a pool inspection?

One of the main reasons why you would need to get a pool inspection is when you are buying or selling a home and full disclosure is needed. You also need to have a pool inspection for regular maintenance of communal or commercial properties, or if there are any signs of damage within your swimming pool structure and systems.

If you notice the following in your pool system, it’s time to book a professional for pool inspection services:

As a provider of professional pool cleaning and maintenance services, we have a lot of experiences when it comes to poorly maintained pools in desperate need of proper inspection, maintenance and repair. 

We highly recommend proper upkeep of your pool to extend its life and maintain the beauty and value of your property.

Pool Inspection Services - Las Vegas

Poor pool maintenance is not the only reason why your swimming pool begins to deteriorate. There are also natural processes to blame and untimely malfunctioning of pool equipment can also add to the pool’s wear and tear.

For outdoor pools, extra maintenance and upkeep needs to be observed. The cleaning system, pumps and filters of outdoor pools may be forced to work overtime. Changes in the temperature may also cause expansion and put stress on the pool structure. In some cases, poor construction of a swimming pool can also be the reason for its overall decline.

If you are planning to sell or purchase a home with a pool, getting a proper pool inspection is highly recommended. This is to ensure that the swimming pool in the property you are selling or intending to buy is running perfectly.

When it comes to pool inspection, only trust the experts. Bryte Pool offers professional pool inspection services in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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