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How To Handle Pool Leak Repair

Pool Leak Repair Experts – Las Vegas

As an old saying goes, one small leak could sink a ship. 

While a leak in the pool has no sinking ships involved, an undetected leak can cost you money. If you suspect any leaking, contact Bryte Pools for expert pool leak repair services. 

We offer professional pool leak repair services for commercial and residential swimming pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

Why do swimming pools leak?

Swimming pools can leak for a myriad of reasons and these leaks can occur in different places. 

No matter where the source of leak is, a leaking pool will make chemicals harder to balance. 

Our highly-trained pool technicians can determine the location of the leak and efficiently provide pool leak repair.

pool leak repair

Finding and Repairing Pool Leaks

The most common areas where pool leaks are found are located in places where two different materials meet such as drains, skimmer, or at the tile line. 

Depending on the surface type of your pool, leaks can also manifest through the cracks of the finish of an exposed aggregate, gunite, or marcite.

Pools with vinyl liners are also vulnerable to leaks and tears. Underground pipes can also be the source of your pool leaks. 

Our experienced pool technicians use sophisticated detectors (like hearing equipment) and deploy methods like pressure testing and dye tests to accurately determine the area and source of the leak. 

Through years of skills and experience, we can easily detect the problem spot and perform pool leak repairs efficiently. 

How do i fix a leak in my pool?

As we’ve mentioned, there are many possible reasons why there might be a leak in your swimming pool. 

The pool is composed of many different parts, and any one of them could potentially spring a leak if damaged.

Pool leaks could be found in:

Listening Equipment
Using state of the art technology, we can listen to sounds of water flowing from underground pipes. 

Our pool technicians also use a hydrophone to accurately pinpoint leaks in the pool, usually near the cracks or fittings.

Dye Test
There’s a special dye released into the water around common areas that leak (a return jet, skimmer, or drain). 

With a dye test, it will be easier to track down the area of the leak source. 

This method is also used to confirm if the leaks have been completely repaired.

The Leakalyzer is a device that uses state of the art sensors and data inputs to detect how much water is leaking from the pool. 

Our pool technicians use it during the leak detection phase to get a baseline of the severity of the pool leak. 

Once the leak(s) are repaired, we will use the Leakalyzer again to confirm if the repair is successful.

Can you fix a pool leak with water in it?

It is possible to perform a pool leak repair while the pool still has water in it, but it can make the process more difficult and time-consuming. 

It is generally recommended to drain the pool before attempting to repair a leak, as this allows for better access to the leak and the surrounding area. 

This can make it easier for the technician to locate and repair the leak, and also reduces the risk of further damage to the pool.

pool leak repair

Where is the most common pool leak?

Concrete pools are designed to last decades with proper care and maintenance. However, it doesn’t mean that concrete pools are invincible. 

They can develop leaks in the long run and as a pool owner, you need to be familiar with the three major leaks that affect concrete pools:

Fitting leaks

Any penetration through the pool shell is called a fitting. 

Skimmers, jets, and lights are considered as a fitting. Since concrete pools are not watertight, they are highly susceptible to leaks.

When a fitting is inserted into the cavity of a pool, builders tend to pack in plaster around it. 

This makes those areas vulnerable to leaks. If areas around the tiles or railings are loosely fitted, leaks are more likely to develop.

Structural leaks
Structural leaks occur when there is a crack in the pool’s shell. These cracks are often caused by:

Plumbing leaks
Pool plumbing can vary greatly but the installation is what matters most. Incorrect installation can lead to leaks. This is why working with pool experts is highly critical during installation.

When the system is not secured properly and wiggles and moves every now and then, there is a high risk for leaks. 

Corrosion is another issue that can cause a swimming pool’s plumbing system to leak or become faulty.

Pool Leak Repairs: Plumbing Issues

If your pool repair leak is found in your plumbing, we can provide:

How To Know If You Need Pool Leak Repair

If you know what to look for and where to look, identifying a leak can be possible. However, you would need to have it confirmed by pool technicians to ensure that you are addressing the main problem.

If you are experiencing any of the following, your swimming pool may have a leak:

Pool Leak Repair Experts – Las Vegas

If you suspect that your residential or commercial pool may be leaking, give us a call. 

Here at Bryte Pools, we take pool leak repair seriously. 

Our pool technicians are trained in finding and repairing leaks. 

We will thoroughly inspect your pool situation and discuss with you whether you need a patch or a replacement.

Remember, finding and repairing leaks in your pool early on will save you a lot of money in the long run! 

Unfixed leaks will drain your water and can raise your water bill to ridiculous levels.

Trust our experienced technicians to locate and repair leaks, saving you water and money.

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