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Pool maintenance when on vacation?

Also make sure the water level is. Be sure to clean or backwash the filter as well before leaving it so that it performs at its best. Also make sure the water level is completely full for the filter to work properly. If you’re going on vacation and your family is already too busy taking care of your pets, you’re saving money instead of paying a pool maintenance team to come by while you’re away.

Our tips on pool maintenance while on vacation can help keep your pool clean and almost guarantee that you return to a crystal clean pool. You’ll also save a lot of money on pool supply compared to cleaning a pool that has turned green while you’re away. On the days leading up to your vacation, make sure that your pool chemicals are properly balanced to ensure that your chemical levels don’t fluctuate greatly while you’re away. Once your chemical levels reach recommended levels, the hardest part of preparing your pool for a vacation is done.

How you prepare your pool for vacation depends on the type of pool and filtration system and how long you will be on vacation. Pool filter systems are low maintenance, so don’t worry about leaving them on when you’re away from home. Not only is this extremely useful for maintaining your pool while you’re away, but it makes pool maintenance in general a much more enjoyable experience. Depending on who you ask how long you go on vacation and what condition your pool is in, some people advise that you shock your pool before you leave or when you return home.

Unless you have someone to take care of your pool while you are away, it is always advisable to cover your pool to keep it clean. If you have a small above ground pool and are on a long vacation, you may consider emptying and covering the pool. If someone else is monitoring your pool for you, be sure to stress the importance of pool safety. Enhance your pool experience with an add-on like a waterfall, pool deck cover, lighting, and more.

Automated pool maintenance makes it easy to keep your pool clean and organized all year round, even when you’re away from home. It would probably be less difficult to vacuum and get out a dirty pool than trying to fix a pool full of algae. However, if something goes wrong with your pool chemistry while you’re away, the algaecide prevents algae from settling in the pool. Ideally, everyone you choose should either own a pool themselves or at least be knowledgeable about pool maintenance.


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