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Best Pool Plumbing in Las Vegas

Pool Plumbing – Las Vegas

As a pool owner, the last thing you would want is to have an underground leak, a bad glue joint, a threaded fitting without a sealant, or a slip fitting left unglued. 

If some or most of the words in the previous sentence are unfamiliar to you, maybe it would be best if you left the pool plumbing to the experts.

Bryte Pools Las Vegas can handle your pool plumbing needs – from installation, servicing, maintenance, and repairs. 

Leave the tedious pool maintenance jobs to us so you can just sit back and relax while we do what we do best.

What is the best way to plumb a pool?

Ideally, pool plumbing needs to be symmetric to make it more aesthetically pleasing and let the water flow naturally. 

There are a lot of pool companies offering pool plumbing services but only a few are actually experienced and capable of doing it professionally. 

When choosing a pool builder, make sure that they don’t rush through or skimp on the plumbing.

If plumbing is done wrong, the pool won’t be performing as expected and there will be numerous hours of reworking and fixing along the way. 

Bryte Pools builds and designs swimming pools that meet the Federal Guidelines for flow, entrapment protection, turnover rate, and placement of returns.

We take into account the pool setup and equipment sizing because it will affect the chemical usage, water clarity, and overall operating costs.

The Basics of Pool Plumbing

As a pool owner, knowing the basics of plumbing will help you better understand how your pool functions. 

Here’s how it works:

As pool water moves through the pipes, friction is created, slowing the flow. Be wary of excessive 90-degree elbows because it will hinder the water movement and add friction. 

Every time the water slows down due to an elbow or friction, the less water is moving through the filter and sanitation system.

One basic hack for pool pumps – if it looks wrong, something may be wrong. 

Don’t hesitate to raise your concerns or queries to your pool plumbing provider.

Do you need special PVC cement for pool?

If your pool was originally built between the 1950s to 1970s, chances are, they are running on copper plumbing. 

Copper plumbing used to be the standard for residential indoor plumbing. 

Fast forward to now, modern pools are now plumbed using PVC piping.

Pools with low pH do not mix well with copper. When the alkalinity and pH levels go below the recommended ranges, they end up corroding and stripping the copper from the pipes. 

The copper then moves away from the pipes and attaches itself to the pool finish which could lead to an unsightly greyish-green tint on the pool finish.

In a nutshell, PVC pipes provide a more efficient water flow compared to the traditional copper pipes.

PVC Cement

PVC cement is used to join PVC pipes and fittings together in pool plumbing systems. The cement creates a chemical bond between the pipe and fitting, creating a permanent and leak-proof connection. 

It is important to use the correct type of PVC cement for pool applications, as the harsh chemicals and high temperatures found in pools can cause regular PVC cement to fail.

Special PVC cement for pool use, also known as “purple primer”, is specifically formulated for use in pool and spa applications. This type of PVC cement is designed to withstand the harsh chemicals and high temperatures found in pool environments. 

It also contains a UV inhibitor to protect the cement from breaking down in sunlight.

It’s important to note that PVC cement is a one-time use product and once the cap is open it starts to cure, so it’s important to use the correct amount for the task and not overuse it.

In summary, it is recommended to use special PVC cement for pool applications, as it is specifically formulated to withstand the harsh conditions found in pool environments and ensure a secure and permanent connection between pipes and fittings.

Pool Plumbing Pros – Las Vegas

Plumbing a pool isn’t really rocket science; in fact, some people are brave enough to make it a DIY project. 

However, the result and efficiency is not the same for all. 

While you may use the same glue and primer that professional pool companies use, the results will still vary.

Why choose Bryte Pools for your swimming pool plumbing needs?

We offer professional pool plumbing services for swimming pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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