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Salt Water Pool Service Las Vegas

Are you planning on getting a salt water pool? Or do you have an existing swimming pool that you would like to convert to a salt water system? 

With the right pool company, converting to a salt water system and availing regular salt water pool service is affordable and easy. 

Of course, whether you have a traditional pool or a salt water pool, it still entails being responsible for cleaning and maintenance. 

Bryte Pools offers salt water pool service in Las Vegas and nearby communities.

How do you maintain your Salt Water Systems?

Swimming in a pool filled with bacteria and other contaminants is a big no-no. A dirty swimming pool is a big turn-off; instead of being a place to relax and have fun, having a dirty pool could be a real pain in the neck.

To maintain salt water pools, you’ll need to be on top of keeping the pump, filter, and skimmer clean and in mint condition. 

As a salt water pool owner, you also need to check the salt chlorinator cell and replace it as needed. The salt chlorination cell is responsible for salt water chlorination and if it is not functioning as it should, the water quality may be compromised. 

Testing the water regularly for correct water chemistry levels is a basic premise of keeping your salt water pool clean and clear.

With salt water pools, you must inspect the salt chlorinator cell and replace it when needed. 

Test regularly for proper water chemistry to maintain clean, clear pool water.

Taking care of salt water pools may be time-consuming if you do it on your own. Working with pool experts who specialize providing salt water pool service is the solution.

Benefits of Salt Water Pool Service

While a salt water pool is still a chlorinated pool, it still has some few advantages over regular chlorinated pools. 

For one, salt water pools don’t have that somewhat strong smell from chlorine. The water of salt water pools is also clear and smooth, and gentler on the eyes, hair, and skin.

With salt water pools, there’s no need to store, handle, or get a whiff of strong chlorine because the chlorine generator produces it. 

This is why checking the chlorine generator is a vital step in salt water pool service.

Another benefit of having a salt water pool is enjoying lower annual cost of pool maintenance compared to regular chlorine pools.

salt water pool service

Soft water bathing

Unlike regular chlorine pool water, salt water pool water is soft, soothing, and will not dry out or irritate your skin and hair.

Lower algae blooms

Since salt water pool systems produce chlorine on demand, it only makes what the pool needs resulting in better water quality without compromising cleanliness and safety.


If you’re into water conservation, salt water pool systems are recommended because they require less draining than regular chlorine pools.

How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool

Just like regular chlorine pools, you also need to carry out regular salt water pool service to keep your salt water system in mint condition.

Salt Water Pool Service: Daily Tasks

Make it a habit to clean your pool and filters regularly, if possible, daily. 

Clean the skimmer and empty the pump basket as needed. 

Whenever you see any visible debris, skim them to avoid making them end up at the bottom of your pool floor. 

If your pool is in the backyard, it is highly prone to leaves, twigs, branches, and insects. Make sure to stay on top of pool cleaning to prevent it from feeling and looking “swampy.”

Salt Water Pool Service: Weekly Tasks

At least once a week, the pH of your salt water pool should be tested. 

There are available test strips you can buy for easy monitoring. 

Take note that normal free chlorine ranges between 1 to 3 ppm, while the pH should range between 7.2 to 7.6. 

If you notice that the chlorine level of your pool is off, you can adjust the generator.

Salt Water Pool Service: Monthly Tasks

Part of monthly salt water pool service and maintenance should include checking the alkalinity, calcium, stabilizer, and salinity levels.

Maintaining a salt water pool can take up your time and if you want to just sit back and relax, you can always contact the pool pros.

Is a saltwater pool easier to maintain?

Saltwater pools are generally considered to be easier to maintain than traditional chlorine pools. 

This is because the salt chlorine generator converts salt into chlorine, which eliminates the need to manually add chlorine to the pool. 

Additionally, many people find that the water in a saltwater pool feels softer and less harsh than the water in a traditional chlorine pool. However, a saltwater pool still requires regular maintenance, such as cleaning the generator cells, testing and adjusting the salt levels, and balancing the water chemistry. 

It’s also important to note that saltwater pools have specific requirements, such as regular cleaning of the cell, which can become costly over time. Make sure to allocate a budget for these costs when maintaining a saltwater pool.

Salt Water Pool Service | Las Vegas

For salt water pool service needs or installation, Bryte Pools can help. 

We have licensed and experienced pool care technicians to carry out salt water pool maintenance or help you convert your regular chlorine pool into a salt water system.

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