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Keep your pool looking clean and bright with Bryte Pools. When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance, Bryte Pools is a trusted service provider in Las Vegas and nearby residential and commercial pools.

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Bryte Pools Las Vegas

Aside from keeping your Las Vegas pool clean and sparkly, we are also fully licensed to carry out pool equipment repair and replacements. 

Regular pool servicing and maintenance? We got you covered! 

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Services Offered:

Swimming pools should be a source of leisure and relaxation. 

Leave the nitty gritty cleaning and maintenance to the pool professionals. 

Bryte Pools offers the following services:


Weekly Pool Service

Swimming in a pool or simply admiring the beauty of it is indeed relaxing. What’s not relaxing is thinking about how to clean and maintain the pristine beauty of a swimming pool. At Bryte Pools, we are committed to take that load off your shoulders with our weekly pool service. Our weekly pool maintenance services ensure that your pool is free from bacteria, dirt, and algae.

Keep It Clean

Pool Acid Wash

Short horror story - there’s algae in your pool. Any sign of algae in your pool means that you need to get a pool acid wash ASAP. With the right mix of technology and chemicals, Bryte Pools can guarantee that algae won’t stand a chance to thrive in your pool.

Keep It Clean

Algae Removal

Swimming in or lounging on your Las Vegas pool on a clear sunny day is truly something to look forward to. However, if you see green, yellow, or black specks of algae floating on your pool water or sticking to the pool walls or the bottom of the pool, it’s time to deal with this icky stuff before they multiply.


Green Pool Cleaning

Just one look at a green pool and it’s enough to make you say that there’s no way you’re dipping one toe in it. Pools usually turn green because of algae overgrowth, clogged filters, improper pH balance or warm and humid weather. When this happens, DIY just won’t do. Contact Bryte Pools to help turn your green pool into a wonderful Las Vegas oasis.

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Pool Tile Cleaning

Tiles add beauty to swimming pools. However, they also need proper care and maintenance as they are prone to calcium build-up over time. To ensure that your Las Vegas swimming pool remains aesthetically pleasing, Bryte Pools offers comprehensive pool tile cleaning services using safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.


Pool Pump Repair

When you look at a swimming pool, you just see the pristine water, the refreshing view, the aesthetic tiles. What you don’t see is the pool’s circulation system, the pool pump, and other parts that make the pool “work.” When there’s an issue with the pool pump, contact us right away. Don’t delay pool pump repairs because the cleanliness of your pool is at stake.

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Pool Equipment Repair

It’s all fun and games with swimming pools until something wrong happens to the pool equipment. Just like any machine or appliance, swimming pools need regular maintenance and repairs. Bryte Pools offers reliable pool equipment repair for commercial and residential pools at competitive prices.


Pool Filter Cleaning

Having a clean and spotless pool takes more than just using a big net to sift through the dirt and debris. Pool filters offer a whole new level of filtration that manual pool cleaning just can’t keep up with. Bryte Pools keeps your pool filter clean and well-maintained so it can keep your pool dirt-free.


Pool Maintenance

Bryte Pools Las Vegas makes pool cleaning and maintenance easy, reliable and affordable. As a pool owner, you have to be aware of the needed maintenance to keep your pool clean, safe and swimmable. We provide professional pool maintenance services in Las Vegas that cover weekly maintenance and pool inspections to ensure that the water and chemical levels are balanced

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of pool maintenance and cleaning depends on the services you acquire from a service provider. Bryte Pools Las Vegas offers a wide range of pool cleaning maintenance services at competitive prices. We have individual services and packages that can be customized to your needs. Call us today to get a quote!

Generally, pool maintenance and cleaning services cover the following: deep cleaning, chemical balancing, and inspection of pool equipment and accessories. 

Swimming pools, both residential and commercial, should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Neglected and unkempt pools can harbor dirty water which could lead to various water-borne diseases and infections. Have your swimming pool cleaned at least once a week to ensure that the water is safe and sanitary.

Saltwater pools require fewer chemicals compared to chlorinated pools because they have natural chlorine. The lower chlorine levels on saltwater pools make it gentler on the skin and eyes. Your choice of having a saltwater pool or chlorine pool also depends on its purpose (residential or commercial). Our team at Bryte Pools Las Vegas can help you with whatever queries or concerns you may have about swimming pools. Contact us today!

A fiberglass pool is the easiest to maintain thanks to its smooth and non-porous surface. Algae will have a difficult time penetrating the extra smooth surface making it easy to clean. To know more about other types of swimming pools and their corresponding cleaning and maintenance needs, our staff at Bryte Pools Las Vegas will be happy to speak with you.

Why Choose Bryte Pools Las Vegas?

On-point Customer Service

At Bryte Pools, we understand that our clients consider swimming pools as a source of fun and relaxation. We see to it that you get to enjoy a clean, safe, and beautiful pool by providing reliable pool maintenance services carried out by our courteous and highly-skilled pool technicians. Restoring Las Vegas pools back to life is our passion!

Competitive Pricing

Our business thrives on reputation, trust, and satisfaction of our valued customers. Bryte Pools is proud to be a preferred pool cleaning company in Las Vegas that offers high-quality services with competitive rates.

Highly-skilled Pool Technicians

Bryte Pools proudly houses a team of expert and highly-trained pool professionals to ensure that residential and commercial pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas are clean and well-maintained. Leave your pool maintenance needs to the pros! Contact us today to get a quote!

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