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Pool Equipment Repair

Las Vegas Pool Equipment Repairs

A malfunctioning pool is not only a party pooper; it can also be a safety hazard. Bryte Pool knows the ins and outs of each type of swimming pool, from large commercial pools to cozy backyard aquatic havens. Expect nothing but the best from our pool equipment repair and maintenance services.

The Importance of Maintaining Pool Equipment

Pool equipment plays a big role in keeping the water clean and enjoyable. Detecting issues in pool equipment is not that difficult because the pool will not function as intended when there is even one glitch or damage in the pool equipment.

If you notice that your swimming pool just can’t stay clean and clear for a decent amount of time, chances are, there is something wrong with your pool equipment. We discourage ignoring possible pool equipment damages because things could escalate quickly when the issue is not addressed by pool experts right away.

Regular Pool Maintenance

At one point or another, something is going to stop working or become worn out. Most pools over 10 or 15 years on the ground are most likely to need regular pool equipment repairs. This could include structural issues, most commonly concerning the device on the equipment pad.

We check the following during our routine pool equipment repair and inspection:

Common Pool Equipment Repairs

Two main parts of the pool that are expected to have some problems over the years are the equipment pad and the structural part of the pool. Other common pool equipment repairs include:

Pool Equipment Plumbing

Pool Filters

Pool Pumps

Pool Heaters

There are various causes for ignition failures but the main cause of pool and spa heater issues is linked to lack of use and clogging of the system.

Pool Control Systems

Putting Off Pool Equipment Repairs Can Cost You More

Postponing the repairs needed for your pool might cause more trouble than it’s worth. Neglected pool issues can worsen the problem hastily and you could end up spending more than what you intend to.

For example, if you have leaking equipment, you are actually spending more money on water back into the pool and this would also mean that the chemicals will not hold steady as they should.

Leaks and broken pool equipment can wreak havoc on your pool if not addressed properly. For example, having a damaged filter allows unfiltered water to seep into the pool which results in having murky or dirty water (which is a big no no for swimming pools)!

Pool Equipment Repair or Replacement?

Old and worn pool parts, equipment, and components, can just be repaired for so many times until it needs to be replaced. In some cases, replacing the damaged equipment can be more cost-efficient rather than having it continuously repaired.

Our pool technicians at Bryte Pool Las Vegas can thoroughly check your pool equipment and give you professional and sound advice on whether there is a need to replace or repair. Our pool maintenance package offers pool equipment inspections to help detect any potential issues with your system.

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