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Pool Heater Repair and Replacement: Maintaining The Perfect Water Temp

Pool Heater Repair & Replacement in Las Vegas

Taking a serene swim on a really humid day is a great way to relax and cool down. Of course, swimming pools should not just be enjoyed during summer or hot, humid days. 

If you want to make the most out of your swimming pool all year round, having a pool heater is the answer. 

Pool heaters make it possible to enjoy a dip in the pool when the days get chilly and the nights get colder. 

Bryte Pools offers professional pool heater repair and replacement services to ensure that your pool is always ready for a relaxing swim. 

Our licensed pool care technicians undergo regular training to provide the best service you deserve.

Can pool heaters be fixed?

Having a pool heater is a great way for pool owners to have an absolutely relaxing experience during chilly days. 

There are a lot of pool heaters out there but in order to get the most out of a pool heater, it is best to have it installed or serviced by expert pool technicians.

When you work with Bryte Pools, you are assured that you are getting expert workmanship and the highest level of customer service. 

Our team will ensure that every step of pool heater installation, repair, and maintenance is performed with absolute skill and precision.

Older pool heaters need regular checkup and maintenance

We have the tools and training to help keep your pool heater system functioning at its best. 

Through regular checkup and maintenance, we can give you cost-efficient recommendations on whether there is a need to repair or replace your pool heater.

Do pool heaters require maintenance?

Yes, pool heaters do require maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly and efficiently. 

Some maintenance tasks that should be performed on a regular basis include:

  • Checking and adjusting the water chemistry levels to ensure they are within the proper range.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the burner assembly, air filter and air intake screens.
  • Checking the ignition system and pilot light, or checking the thermostat settings and electrical connections if you have an electric heater.
  • Inspecting the venting system for leaks or blockages.
  • Checking the pool heater for any signs of corrosion or rust.
  • Checking the pool heater for any leaks or other visible signs of damage. 
It’s recommended to have a professional pool technician perform these tasks and any other necessary repairs, to ensure that your pool heater is running at peak performance and to prevent any safety hazards.
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Why is my pool Heater Not working?

Pool heaters can incur wear and tear over time. Pool and spa owners find pool heaters to be an indispensable part of their pool system. 

Without pool heaters, the water temperature can’t be controlled and the pool will most likely be unused during cold or chilly days. 

Pool owners who want to enjoy their pool in any season need to ensure that their pool heater is in good condition.

Our pool care technicians are trained to make sure that minor issues don’t end up causing other problems. 

As soon as you notice that something is off with your pool heater, contact the pool experts right away.

Common pool heater issues include leaks, control failure, rust, soot, lack of maintenance, and corrosion.

Ignoring pool heater repairs issues or putting pool heater repair and maintenance on hold may lead to more serious damages in your overall pool system. 

Bryte Pools can resolve any issues with your pool heater, so make sure to give us a call the soonest. 

The sooner we can resolve issues with your pool heater, the sooner you can enjoy your pool to the fullest.

How do you know if your pool heater needs repair?

There are several signs that may indicate your pool heater is not functioning properly:
1. The pool water is not heating up: If your pool water is not reaching the desired temperature, this could be an indication that the pool heater is not working properly.
2. Noisy operation: If your pool heater is making strange noises such as banging, popping or whistling, it could be a sign of a problem.
3. The pilot light goes out frequently: If the pilot light on your pool heater keeps going out, it could be a sign of a problem with the thermocouple or the gas supply.
4. The pool heater is not turning on: If your pool heater is not turning on at all, it could be caused by a problem with the thermostat, the electrical wiring, or a malfunctioning control panel.
5. High energy bills: If your energy bills have suddenly increased, it could be an indication that your pool heater is not operating efficiently and may need to be serviced.
If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to contact a pool professional for an inspection and diagnosis.
At Bryte Pools, we can determine the cause of the problem and recommend the appropriate repair or replacement.
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Pool Heater Repair Services | Las Vegas

Pool heaters are undoubtedly one of the most complicated pieces of pool equipment. 

These are complex devices that consist of numerous moving parts using gas or electricity to supply heat.

Using a pool heater is a convenient way to keep it always accessible for you and your family to enjoy your swimming pool or spa hot tub for all seasons. 

Swim at the most comfortable temperature for you without worrying about dipping your toes into icy water.

We offer professional pool heater repair and replacement in Las Vegas and nearby areas. 

Give us a call to know more about pool heater repair and replacement services.

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