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Reliable, Comprehensive, World-class Pool Maintenance Services

Bryte Pool is a top provider of comprehensive pool services for commercial and residential pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas. We have been maintaining, servicing, and designing pools to ensure that your backyard or indoor oasis is clen, beautiful, and well-maintained.

A properly maintained pool is essential for you and your family or tenants’ overall health, relaxation, and enjoyment. If you own a pool, you most likely know that keeping it clean and aesthetically pleasing can be tedious and time-consuming. Our team at Bryte Pool can take the load off your shoulders and have your pool clean and enjoyable in no time. When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance, you can sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered.

Bryte Pool Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services

A clean and well-maintained pool is a beautiful pool. Below are some of our top and most in-demand services – 

Why Choose Us?

Las Vegas is known for its hot, sunny days with temperatures rising over 115 degrees in the summer. It’s no wonder that most residential and commercial properties consider having a swimming pool as non-negotiable.

There are numerous pool maintenance companies in Las Vegas, but here’s why we’re different –

Efficient, Timely, Affordable

We acknowledge that your time is valuable, which is why we make sure that our pool maintenance and cleaning services are designed to be fast and efficient. We get straight to the point and don’t dilly-dally with unnecessary services. When you book with Bryte Pool, you are guaranteed to enjoy timely yet accurate cleaning services that targets the exact needs of your swimming pool.

We offer weekly pool cleaning services so that you can get your mind off having to clean your pool every now and then. When you sign up for our weekly pool service, you can enjoy scheduled maintenance without having to check your calendar every so often.

Other pool services we offer include tile cleaning, acid washing, pool equipment repair and replacements. We make sure that your pool is immaculately clean, beautiful, and fully functional, regardless of the season.


At Bryte Pool, we put our customers’ needs first. We listen to what they want and what they need for their residential or commercial swimming pool. It’s not all about the technical stuff – we want our customers to feel that we value their opinion by listening to their concerns and addressing any queries that may arise.

Competitive Pricing

There are many pool service and maintenance companies in Las Vegas. However, we are confident that Bryte Pool offers competitive rates with the highest customer satisfaction guaranteed. We also provide fair and transparent estimates to ensure that you know the exact details of a pool service before booking our services – no shocking or hidden charges.

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