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Modern Pool Automation

From Siri, Alexa, to various other smart assistants available, almost every device is capable of being “smart.” Smart watch control, voice control, smart phone control, and now.. smart pool control. With pool automation technology, you can control your pool settings whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Whether you’re installing a pool or upgrading to a more modern one, Bryte Pool has the latest pool automation technology to give you the luxury of controlling your pool’s every feature and function with just a touch of a finger. More splashing and relaxing, less turning valves and faucets.

Benefits of Pool Automation

Technology makes things easier. It saves time, effort, and basically makes things more convenient. With pool automation, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Less Manual Maintenance
If before, you had to be physically present in your pool to carry out some adjustments, with pool automation that would be a thing of the past. Pool automation allows you to control your pool’s functions and carry out maintenance using your smartphone.

Be Updated Real-time
Pool automation offers real-time alerts to help you monitor your swimming pool’s pH and sanitizer performance.

Compatible With Any Pool
We offer pool automation solutions for any pool. From basic to super high-tech poo automation, we got you covered.

Pool automation can also save you money. By automating essential pool functions, you can save up to 70% off on your pool’s total energy costs.

What Parts of my Pool can I Automate?

You can actually automate almost any type of pool equipment, from heaters, lights, to pumps. Almost any pool part can be controlled wirelessly through an automation system, allowing you to make adjustments even before you get home.

Below are some of the key pool parts that can be automated:

  • Chlorinators- adjust chlorine output and monitor salt levels
  • Pool pumps- control the water flow or turn your pump on and off
  • Hot tubs- activate the jets via remote
  • Pool Features- turn fountains, laminar jets, or waterfalls on or off
  • Lighting- you can set the mood from anywhere by controlling the color and/or intensity of your pool lights. Pre-programming light shows is also made easier with pool automation
  • Temperature- heat up your pool or spa even before you get home so the water temperature is warm and cozy when you arrive

Complete Pool Automation

If you’ve ever dreamt of controlling your swimming pool or spa with a touch of a button, Bryte Pool can install pool automation and control systems to make your dreams turn into reality.

In addition to our wide selection of pool maintenance services and pool supplies, we also carry pool automation systems from industry-leading automatic pool control manufacturers.

If you want to get complete pool automation, you can access the following features anytime, anywhere:

Pool Automation – Las Vegas

Bryte Pool offers a line of the industry’s best automation ideal for any backyard or indoor environment. Adding pool automation takes the hassle out of pool and spa ownership by automating all work-intensive functions such as cleaning, filtration, sanitization, and pH balancing.

Having a pool automation system allows pool owners to connect their pool equipment to one central hub via wifi and control center. The pool automation system’s dedicated app then allows control over those features from a smartphone. Most automation systems can easily connect to Echo or similar smart devices. Convenience and leisure at its finest!

For more information on pool automation, contact Bryte Pool Las Vegas. Our pool technicians will work with you to install the best automation package that works best for you and your pool equipment.

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