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Pool filter repair

Swimming Pool Filter Repair, Replacement & Installation

If you’re reading this, chances are, you are in a dilemma with your pool not having the cleanliness or “sparkle” that it used to. 

Before you start typing “can pool filters be repaired” in your search box, let’s give you an overview on the basics of pool filter repair.

Pool Filter Repair and Installation

The appearance, performance and quality of your pool water greatly depend on a properly functioning pool filter system. Regular filter maintenance and inspections also help keep pool water clean and safe.

If your pool water appears to be cloudy or murky, it’s time to have your filter inspected so you can know if it needs servicing or replacement. 

Bryte Pools can service major brand-name parts available for upgrades or replacement.

How much does it cost to fix a pool filter?

The cost to fix a pool filter can vary depending on the type of pool filter you have, the extent of the damage, and your location. Some common repairs, such as replacing a broken O-ring or cleaning out a clogged filter, can be relatively inexpensive. 

However, more extensive repairs, such as replacing a damaged pump or motor, can be more costly. 

It’s best to contact a local pool repair company or contractor to get a specific estimate for your needs. If your pool is located in the Las Vegas area, we can come out to inspect the pool filter.  

If ever we find a need for pool equipment repair, we will provide you an estimate for the cost of the repair.

pool filter repair

Three Basic Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters – sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and cartridge. Each type of filter has its own pros and cons. 

To help you choose the best swimming pool filter for you, it helps to have a basic knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages.

Sand Filters
Sand filters are the most commonly used pool filter, mainly because it is easy to maintain and affordable. However, sand filters are known to be the least effective type of filter. 

They cannot filter your pool water to the lowest possible micron, unlike other pool filters.

Sand pool filters are literally filled with sand. The pool water is pulled into the filter and pressed through the sand before it is released back into the water.

Cartridge Filters
Cartridge filters are a popular choice for many pool owners, especially those who own a saltwater pool. Cartridge pool filters do not need backwashing unlike sand filters.

If you want a filter that can filter the pool water down to the smallest microns, cartridge filters are an ideal choice.

DE Filters
The long name for DE filters is diatomaceous earth. 

What are DE filters made of? They are made of the exoskeletons of diatoms that have become fossilized. In short, the materials of DE filters are mined from the earth. 

This type of filter is known to offer the highest quality of filtration capable of filtering to the finest micron.

Pool Filter Repair | Las Vegas

From pressure pump problems to leaking valves, a faulty pool water filter is linked to various issues that must be addressed the soonest to ensure that you have clean and clear water in your swimming pool.

A pool that is not cleaned and maintained regularly can take a toll on the pool filter and can lead to operational failure that could affect the swimming pool in general. 

As it collects pollutants, dirt, and other debris, the pool filter ends up working overtime. This could lead to pool filter clogging and could be the start of your pool decline.

For pool filter repair needs and other pool maintenance and cleaning services, Bryte Pools offers reliable services at competitive rates. 

We service commercial and residential pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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