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Green Pool Cleaning - Las Vegas

The least thing pool owners want to see is a green pool. Having a green pool is definitely not a pleasant sight to see. Cleaning a green pool can be challenging if you are planning to do it by yourself. 

Green pools are usually a result of weeks or months of neglect or inefficient pool maintenance. Depending on how bad the pool situation is, you can try DIY green pool cleaning and have unsatisfactory results. 

If this is the case, it’s high time for you to contact pool cleaning experts like Bryte Pools Las Vegas to do the green pool cleaning for you.

Why is my swimming pool green?

There can be a variety of reasons for a swimming pool to turn green including the presence of metals, incorrect pH or alkaline levels, failing filtration system, growth of algae, or the presence of organic debris in the pool water.

What’s so bad about algae?

Algae is not a good thing to see in your pool and it can also be very slippery which could lead to falls and accidents. A swimming pool that is infested with algae should not be open for swimming because it carries dangerous contaminants that could lead to allergies, stomachaches, and other unpleasant health conditions.

green pool cleaning

Green Pool Cleaning

Whether you are planning to contact pool experts to clean your green pool or you’re wondering how to do it by yourself, here are the basic steps involved in green pool cleaning:

Removal of organic debris

This is understandably the first step in green pool cleaning. You have to get rid of the surface dirt prior to penetrating what’s going on in the water. Organic debris includes insects, leaves, twigs, branches, and literally anything else that has fallen into your pool. 

If left in your pool, it will eventually break down and trigger bacteria or other contaminants in the water. By removing the organic debris on the surface, it will be easier on the pool’s filtration system and the pool chemicals won’t be hindered from speeding up the breakdown of debris in the pool.

Assess pool water chemistry

You can use a pool testing kit to test and monitor your pool water chemistry. You can get pool water testing kits at your local hardware store but if you avail of green pool cleaning services from pool professionals, testing pool water chemistry is usually part of their cleaning process.

Shocking your pool water

Shocking a pool basically means increasing the chlorine levels more than the required levels to facilitate the elimination of bacteria and algae. Pool shocking may turn the water cloudy but it is expected to clear up within 24-48 hours.

Pool filter and vacuum

After pool shocking, the next step in green pool cleaning is to filter and vacuum the pool. Vacuuming the pool before running the filter will make it easier for the cartridge to do its job. Make sure that you perform green pool cleaning correctly or else you might encounter problems with your cartridge and would need a professional to replace your pool pump and cartridge.

We recommend running the pool filter continuously for not less than 24 hours. Backwashing the filters is also recommended to prevent clogs from entering the filtration system.

Proper Pool Maintenance

After a successful green pool cleaning session, make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your pool on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This lowers the chances of your pool turning green again. Make sure to backwash your filters regularly on top of skimming any debris that may have fallen into the pool. 

Some pool owners prefer DIY green pool cleaning in an effort to save some money, but when you look at the bigger picture, you may actually be saving more money in the long run if you avail the services of pool professionals.

Professional pool maintenance companies are ready to assist you in maintaining your pool clean and safe for swimming. 

Plus, you can be sure that professional pool companies have the equipment, skills and resources to ensure that you won’t be seeing a green pool for a long time. 

Bryte Pools offers green pool cleaning and other pool maintenance services in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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