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As an old saying goes, one small leak could sink a ship. While a leak in the pool has no sinking ships involved, an undetected leak can cost you money. If you suspect a pool leak, contact Bryte Pool. We offer professional pool leak repair services for commercial and residential swimming pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

Swimming pools can leak for a myriad of reasons and these leaks can occur in different places. No matter where the source of the leak is, a leaking pool will make chemicals harder to balance. Our highly-trained pool technicians can determine the location of the leak and efficiently resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The most common areas where pool leaks are found are located in places where two different materials meet such as drains, skimmers, or at the tile line. Depending on the surface type of your pool, leaks can also manifest through the cracks of the finish of an exposed aggregate, gunite, or marcite.

Pools with vinyl liners are also vulnerable to leaks and tears. Underground pipes can also be the source of your pool leaks. Our experienced pool technicians use sophisticated detectors (like hearing equipment) and deploy methods like pressure testing and dye tests to accurately determine the area and source of the leak so we can immediately carry out pool leak repair.

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