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It’s not really rocket science – water and electricity don’t mix. Putting light fixtures on your pool needs the expertise and skills of professionals. While anyone can replace a light fixture in the house, doing it underwater is a whole other story.

Pool light repair and installation is something that should be endorsed to the pros. Repairs and installation involving water and electricity has its risk, with electrocution and fire hazards dominating the top of the risk list. DIY may be fun and challenging but when it comes to pool light repair and installation, it would be best to pass it to the experts.

A burnt or broken light bulb in your spa, swimming pool, or hot tub can be a symptom of bigger problems with your equipment. When a pool light needs replacement, it’s not just replacing only one piece. In most cases, certain pool light bulbs need a total set replacement. Our pool care technicians will make sure that your pool light issues are diagnosed correctly so you can avoid spending a bigger amount of money than needed.

Plus, pool technicians at Bryte Pool are well-trained and experienced to ensure that you get the best service with the utmost care and safety in mind.

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