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Are you a pool owner in Las Vegas? Whether you own a residential or commercial swimming pool, you have to regularly check if your pool is clean and well-maintained. Some take up the challenge and do their own pool cleaning, but most pool owners prefer to get their pools cleaned and maintained by professionals. Bryte Pool Las Vegas offers pool professional pool cleaning services and can fix a wide range of pool maintenance issues.

Pool cleaning takes quite a bit of work, and can eat up a lot of your time, especially if you are doing it alone. It’s not that easy, either! When we say pool cleaning, it’s not just about keeping the water clean on the surface. You also need to check the chemical levels of the water at least three times a week. You have to keep an eye on the major pool parts (pump, filter, etc) to make sure that they are working as they should.

Pool cleaning can be manageable if the pool is maintained regularly and not overused. However, it’s a very different story when a dirty, grimy or algae-filled pool is involved.

The first thing you will have to deal with is a thick layer of scum on the surface of the pool. You absolutely cannot use a skimmer to remove the scum and debris because it will only make things worse. You can try using a leaf net to remove the debris from the pool surface, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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