Pool pump repair and replacement

Pool Pump Repair and Replacement Las Vegas

Swimming pools are dubbed as a necessity for people living in desert suburbs, like Las Vegas. Pool pumps are considered to be the heart of a swimming pool’s maintenance and cleaning system. When a pool pump malfunctions, a pool can easily become dirty. For pool pump repair and replacement in Las Vegas, contact the pool experts at Bryte Pool. We service commercial and residential pools in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

We can fix the common issues with your pool pump and can offer cost-efficient solutions that would benefit you for the long-term. We will carry out repairs to the best we can but if we think that it would be best for you to get a replacement, we will definitely let you know.

Common Issues That Require Pool Pump Repair and Replacement

The pump or motor produces screeching, humming, or weird noises. This might have something to do with the parts and bearing of the pool pump.

How does a pool pump work?

Pool pumps’ main duty is to circulate pool water, taking the dirty water and small particles out, running it through the filter for cleaning, and then bringing in clean and fresh water into the pool. A pool pump also helps distribute pool chemicals like chlorine and algaecide.

Normally, a pool pump works quietly while the water moves powerfully from the return jets. A pool pump that is loud, not circulating water, tripping the circuit, or having gurgling sounds would most likely indicate that you need to have it inspected by professional pool technicians.

Why is my pool pump so loud?

One of the most common reasons for a loud or noisy pool pump is that it’s running dry. The pool water levels may have fallen below halfway on the required level on the skimmer faceplate and the pool pump might be bringing in air together with the water. This puts more stress on the swimming pool pump, causing it to work not only harder, but louder.

Pool Pump Repair or Replacement?

Depending on the issue concerning your pump, pool technicians may recommend having it repaired or replaced. When a pool pump has basic problems like a blown capacitor, the issue may be solved with a simple repair. However, more complex issues may require replacement.

In our experience as a provider of professional pool cleaning and maintenance services, we’ve noticed that most pools in Las Vegas, especially older properties, have a pool pump that is worn out from age or not proportionate to the size of the pool. In this case, pool pump replacement would be the solution.

Our pool care experts will be able to assess and decide which option is best and cost-efficient for your situation.

Getting a New Pool Pump​

If you are advised to get a new pool pump, it would mean that our pool technicians have weighed the pros and cons of having it repaired vs getting a new one. Getting a new pool pump installed may mean that you will enjoy more benefits and save more money in the long run.

New pool pumps are also designed to be more energy efficient than their old counterparts, so that’s a plus on your end. New pool pumps are also more powerful and can clean the swimming pool more efficiently because they offer variable speeds for better water flow control. This feature can prevent maintenance issues down the road. 

Energy costs in Las Vegas tend to shoot up during summer and we highly recommend getting a pool pump upgrade to save on energy costs. If you don’t want to pay the price of nursing a faulty pool pump, it’s best to have it serviced by only the best pool technicians in the area. The employment of proper pool maintenance plays a big role in ensuring that your invigorating oasis is in mint condition for any season.

Below are some other benefits of pool pump replacement:

Getting a New Pool Pump​

For your pool pump repair and replacement needs, we can help. Bryte Pool Las Vegas houses a team of experienced pool technicians to offer their expertise so you can make the best informed decision for your pool equipment.

Whether your pool pump needs repair or replacement, our expertise and competitive rates make us the top choice for your residential or commercial pool.

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